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Hello, I am Heather Malloy

I am a Nevada-based Business Lifestyle Coach and Strategy Consultant, passionate about helping people live healthier lives by being smarter about what they consume. 


Whether you’re looking to improve the health of yourself, your family, or your company, I have the experience and dedication needed to help you achieve your desired results.

Lifestyle services

Customer wellness community

As my own referral, not only are you able to shop amazing products, but you become a part of a community of beloved shoppers who will get the utmost care from me personally, 

Business builders community

Like the product and want to build a REAL income?

Become a part of my personal team and I will help you nurture your business unlike any other upline you have met.

Virtual Network Coaching

Do you have something you are trying to Market but are struggling to find members, clients and prospects?

Is your upline annoying you to SELL MORE using PUSHY sales tactics on your Friends and Family 

What I do

I refer people to an amazing company that has amazing products…

I inspire a dedicated community of satisfied customers, which order direct month after month, who receive their orders usually within 2 to 3 days direct from the store.  (Highly comparable to Amazon only with all natural products)

I coach, build, and sustain a TEAM of Business Builders.  Unlike other uplines, I actually care about your business and income, so I TEACH the SKILLS necessary to build your business. 

Improve Blood Pressure

Products to lower and help maintain healthy blood pressure levels

Motivation and Support

I am in the business to serve because it is my passion!

blood sugar support

Supplements and products available specifically designed to assist with diabetic health.

safe natural products

A Store that I am proud to say that I am a dedicated consumer because they lack harsh chemicals that are bad for your health and the environment.

Nature Inspired Solutions
Economical, safe products.
Full, Training and Support

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